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Cloud Computing

cloud computing

Interested in moving to the cloud..but don't know how, when, in what way? Which cloud platform should I pick? What kind of architecture will I need on the cloud? Is it really secure? How do I deploy?

IT consultants at Atlogys have prepared a guide on cloud computing to help you gauge answers to such questions and many more. Feel free to get in touch to discuss your personalized requirements.

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UX Strategy

ui strategy

UI sells !

Believe don't want to have Cutting edge technology with a gloomy looking User Interface..because no one will figure out how to use it. do you create that attractive 'look and feel' for your site while still keeping it fast, user-friendly and intuitive? Well..Start with HTML5. The Atlogys IT Consultants have prepared a practical guide for using HTML5.

We can also help you shift to HTML5...

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Faster Web

faster web

Want to render lightening fast web pages? Want to find out if you can still improve the load time of your site?

We optimize web platforms for a living ..Yes, we really do !

We have compiled a list of the best tips and techniques for your webmasters. Follow these web guidelines to create the 'Faster Web'. For a more comprehensive report OR for a performance audit of your website, feel free to contact us.

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mobile screen types

Should you let your web development company also make your mobile application? Can anyone who knows the 'web' also diversify into 'mobile'?

The answer is No..because mobile consultancy and design requires a paradigm shift from Web Design !

We have prepared a starter guide to help you judge your mobile development teams. Please pay heed to the mobile design characteristics and mobile design best practices mentioned in this Atlogys report.

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