Our Advantage - Benefits to Clients

Expert IT Advice - Expert software consulting

  • Excellent IT advice - World class tips and guidance from our industry experts towards creation of optimal technical designs and optimal IT solutions.
  • A Holistic View Point - Get our impartial, un-biased, third party input on the approach being taken on your product design and development by a vendor.

Save All Hassles- Hassle free software Development

  • Our MANAGED Software Application Development - Fully monitored software development - Save the hassle of finding a competent software vendor. We have competent, pre-screened, highly professional developers.
  • Software Delivery Management - Get on-time delivery, consistent quality and prompt communication during whole process. Read More.
  • Software Program Management - Get Business-IT interface to translate all your queries into a technical protocol. Get software quality assurance and software analytics and feedback.

Lower software fees - Save MONEY

  • Save upto 40% on Project Management hours proposed by developers in their quotation.
  • Bring down the total man hours proposed by developers by upto 30% through our expert technical guidance.
  • Our expert integration with developers allows one to fetch a lower per hourly rate from vendors.

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Peace of Mind - software development followup

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