Technology Strategy Consulting

Interfacing between Business and Technology - Business Domain Knowledge

Clients look up to consultants to point them in the correct direction when it comes to technology.¬†IT Consultants¬†should be aware of the client’s business industry, business trends and requirements so that they optimally answer the following questions: Which solution should I use, How much should I pay, What all features do I need, What about adding these set of components, Where will this solution run, How much investment do I need to do?

The entire process of capturing customer requirement has been shown diagrammatically below.

business interface model

How Atlogys can Help You as a Technical Consultant

  • We can work as Offshore CTO’s for you !!
  • As software consultants, we understand your individual needs and your organization’s IT requirements.
  • We formulate software application specifications that are aligned with the business objectives.
  • We help identify inefficient practices and/or models of operations that can be improved and streamlined with information technology.
  • We offer Business Process and Business Strategy Consulting to help streamline operations for efficient IT practices.
  • We conceptualize and suggest optimal IT solutions that address the problem and are also optimal with respect to cost and value addition.