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Enernoc is an energy consulting firm listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange based out of USA.


Energy Consulting


Commissioning Application for Energy Consultants and Contractors - Highly Customized, Personalized and a dynamic web-based application for 'FIELD - DATA COLLECTION, MANAGEMENT & REVIEW'

Design Mocks


To Create an application that can

  • Allow energy consultants to collect data and metrics about electrical equipment on the field using a series of actions.
  • Provides a reporting tool and a stats analytics medium for energy related calculations.
  • Allows data to be aggregated and presented in various ways.
  • Works on the phone.
  • Multiple permission category for users.

Scope of Work

  • Requirement Analysis: Understand Business needs and create application specifications.
  • Suggest functionality, feature set & tools that should be present in the application.
  • Suggest optimal technologies and design for application as per client's budget and requirements.
  • Accounted for principles of good software design in implementation - advised client on how to make the system
  • Scalable, Modular
  • Accounted for Caching and parallel access for speedup.
  • Fire-Fighting sessions for thorough App Testing - QA sessions and Test Cases
  • Performance Friendly - Performed client and server side optimizations.
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Secure - Internet Security Audits
  • Product lifecycle management, demos, resource allocation and bug fixes.
  • Production Deployment - Provided Managed VPS (virtual private server) hosting service for client for hosting the application on the web.


Optimized the quotation with vendor - As IT Consultants, we understand the exact 'quanta of work' needed to get a job done. We laid out an optimal value for the 'number' of man-hours that a local development team should charge to get the work done. This way we Saved the client 80 man hours from original development proposal for the same quantity and quality of work.

Technologies used:

  • MVC design
  • MySQL, SQL
  • Javascript, Ajax
  • Photoshop
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