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Why develop with us?

We have a passion for *good software development*. We fell happy when we deliver high class software…and our foremost goal is to deliver on time and provide a smooth delivery.

We work as follows:

  1. We work collaboratively, closely and in sync with a development team.
  2. The development team can be picked by the client or can be one of ours. Read more about Vendor Selection services.
  3. Our consultants work closely with the client in framing the product specifications and overall execution strategy and design.
  4. During the project execution we provide all algorithms and make sure software is scalable, secure, performance friendly and well tested.
  5. Our consultants perform Application Testing and organize QA sessions.
  6. During the entire cycle, we do the *very essential* Program Management to manage resources, time, lifecycle, bugs and tickets.
  7. Towards the end we provide delivery management services to account for a smooth, hassle-free and painless product installation and deployment.
  8. We manage the application on the cloud and do the engineering launch architecture.
  9. We provide 3rd party integrations on top of your application to account for all measurements like throughput, latency, traffic etc.
  10. We handle and manage all errors, crash reports and bugs. We take feedback and inculcate it back into the product.

Developer Fees

Clients can choose to use a development team that we select or their own.

Benefits of using our chosen vendors:

  • – Lower per hour pricing leading to lower software fees
  • – Lower and better deals from IT service providers
  • – Save upto 30-50% on overall software vendor quotations as compared to talking to the vendor directly

Even if you wish to use your own vendor, we can help as follows:

  • – We understand the exact quanta of work required in implementing a given specification. We can work in optimizing the total man hours and total quotation proposed by your vendor.
  • – We make sure that your vendor only charges you for coding and not for any of the other services that we guarantee like strategy, design , program mgmt etc.

Why develop with us?


Developer Competencies

We have different developers with a unique area of specialization each. Together, we have expertise to provide software development for all of the following kinds of applicationsThe technical competencies of our software developer network can be seen here.