Engagement Model for IT Consulting

Proactive customer engagement: It’s a dogma of Customer Success. We all do it to some extent – though some of us do better than others. A good Customer Engagement Model demands to be flexible in two key ways:

At Atlogys, our engagement models are forced by one of our key values: flexibility. We recognize that customer’s requirements can diverge on a case to case basis and at different points of time. For instance, some customers want to expand their in-house team on a cyclical ground to manage spurts in work and detect that a partnership with Atlogys helps them rapidly scale up their operations.

engagement model for outsourcing firms

Our customers can select from any of the generally recognized models mentioned below or can combine any of these for different phases of IT projects. Depending upon the demand, we are able to propose highly flexible engagement options that include:

Project Based Pricing or Fixed cost

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Time and Material

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The Onsite-Offshore Delivery Model

Also known as the Hybrid model, this strategy incorporates the benefits of offshore and onsite delivery. Onsite-Offshore model allows the cost-effectiveness of the offshore model as well as the face-to-face contact crucial in avoiding communication gaps and ensuring your project’s successful delivery.

Atlogys Technical Consulting settings the way for globally integrated organizations to undertake collaborative projects and innovative partnerships.

Some of the differentiators of Atlogys Technical Consulting include:

Lab on Hire

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