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Mobile Design Consultancy Services to JHI [Janssen Healthcare Innovation] @ (JnJ) [ A heathcare division company of Johnson and Johnson - USA ]

Atlogys works with JHI (Johnsons & Johnsons - USA) on providing the following consultancy services --> Evaluation and creation of the architecture and design of mobile based software applications related to the healthcare domain.


Atlogys enjoyed working with the Johnson & Johnson healthcare product leads and engineers on the following:

Overall Software Design for NATIVE Healthcare Mobile Applications

  • Conduct a thorough, high-level technical design review of the underlying software - access application's usage, capabilities, process flow and overall functionality.
  • Help select design principles and paradigms to ensure a robust software architecture that is easily scalable to millions of users.
  • Provide design tips and methodologies for creation of software which is performance-friendly, secure, maintainable and portable across all handsets.

Mobile Design Considerations

  • Account for software design aspects which are unique to mobile application development. These include limited CPU, memory, bandwidth and power; intermittent connectivity, security, and usability constraints.
  • Provide development practices and tips to best account for mobile specific functionality like authorization and authentication, caching, communication, synchronization and offline access, data transfer, multiple hand-ware, handset testing and interoperability, security and privacy and application deployment.

Project Goals and Deliverables

  • Work collaboratively with software engineers - help create a technical execution strategy which is completely in-sync with the product's business and strategic goals.
  • Periodically validate product goals against available technology to ensure a final delivery which is on budget, on-scope and on-time.
  • Advice on coding best practices, W3C mobile application development standards, latest IT trends and developments.


Android, iPhone and MIDP based Mobile Apps in healthcare --> Used 3rd party SDK also

  • Android, IPhone and MIDP
  • SOAP and REST based API's
  • WSI interface for server engines
  • Hosting platforms like Rackspace, datapipe
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