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Technical Startup

Social Network Aggregation and Business Contact Management


Kuhono - (SRM) Social Relationship Management System

Kuhono is a cutting-edge, web 2.0 application built on a scalable & distributed platform to support heavy traffic. It uses the latest and most complex of social API's, search algorithms, synchronization frameworks and integration methodologies.

Design Mocks


  • Understand promoter's objectives from business perspective and outline necessary technical requirements, complexities and alternatives to ensure project meets its strategic initiatives.
  • Deliver a technically sound web platform that can efficiently and securely serve tens of thousands of users upon launch, and scale quickly to millions of users when required.
  • Ensure a design that allows for easy platform migration and availability on the mobile, desktop and 3rd party platforms like Sales Force.
  • Source a vendor team for project implementation.
  • Provide overall execution strategy, schedule and roadmap.
  • Ensure delivery on time, on budget and as per schedule.

Scope of Work

** Please note that the UI design was provided to us by the kuhono promoters as psd files.

Atlogys Contributions:
  1. Program Management > Business/Techno Strategy
    • Select all technology and frameworks for a fool-proof and efficient implementation which is attainable within a reasonable time and budget. Ruby, Rails (Unicorn), API's (REST), DB (Regis, Mongo), Cloud (EngineYard), 3rd party integrations (HopToad, NewRelic, PingDom)
    • Inform about latest IT trends and best practices in social web 2.0 developments.
    • Identify partnership opportunities and track competition.
    • Discuss Kuhono usage scenarios, target market and launch plan - Suggest new features, validate assumptions.
    • Engineering EYE FOR DETAIL > provide server configuration variables, configure alerts, account for error handling, API rate limiting, and study analytics reports.
  2. Software Design and Architecture
    • Provide algorithms, DB schema and data structures for all features (after asymptotic analysis) > Ensure a scalable, maintainable, secure, performance friendly and an easy to use design.
    • Design out-bound REST API's for developers to extract information from Kuhono.
    • Outline rules and usage patterns for external API's like FB, Lin, Twitter, orkut > edge cases, return codes, functional calls, permissions and privacy, irregularities.
    • Design challenges addressed: threading, database sharding, caching, SSL, security (sql Injection, XSS, CSRF, Html Escaping), background parallel processing
  3. End-To-End Project and Delivery Management
    • Procure IT team, Guide and Mentor the team > resolve technical deadlocks, assign responsibilities; make contingency plans.
    • Tracking and communication of project health - Decisions, Action items, Change requests,
    • Risks and Issues.
    • Install, Setup and provide access to PM software > dotProject, basecamp, bugzilla.
    • Conduct application tests, QA's, perform latency and load tests, optimize code for server and client side latency.
    • Conduct demos, iterate on feedback, setup meetings, submit reports.
    • Setup and manage the app on the cloud.


- The whole application was delivered on time and smoothly on the cloud without any hiccups.

- We have two thousand users on beta. We are now making an Iphone and Ipad application for the same.


  • Ruby, Rails
  • Jquery, Ajax, JavaScript, Css, html
  • Mongo DB, MySql
  • REST based API's, Oauth
  • CLOUD: EngineYard
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