Mobile Application Architecture Design

Designing and architect-ing for the mobile is inherently very different from designing for the web.

Mobile application development requires technically a new stack of technologies and hence new design principles. There are fundamental differences in the design best practices, guidelines and design patterns. A web development team cannot always do mobile development. They must have the necessary expertise on the mobile front to be able to diversity into this domain.

Doing specialized mobile development requires addressing the following design aspects:

Design Aspects of Mobile Apps Development

  1. Authentication and Authorization on the mobile – This is done differently from how it is typically handled on the web.
  2. Connectivity issues which is mostly intermittent
  3. Real Estate and screen size available – The entire UX and UI design and approach is different on the mobile
  4. Performance aspects – Limited battery size and low cpu power leads to different performance metrics
  5. Multi Layered architecture
  6. Synchronization and Offline Access
  7. Communication which is mostly A-sync
  8. Security and Privacy
  9. Data Transfer / Data access and bandwidth
  10. Supporting multiple hardware
  11. Configuration management

At Atlogys, we have published a whitepaper catrered for mobile application architecture design. This is available at: