Mobile Consulting

Mobile application development and mobile architecture design is a specialized field which is very different from web application development. The design paradigms and principles adopted for mobile architecture design must be thoroughly understood before taking on a mobile application development project.

Design Considerations for Mobile Applications

  • User requirements and organizational constraints
  • What is running in the backend?
  • Whether to build a Rich Client, a Thin Web Client, or Rich Internet Application (RIA)?
  • What all device types to support?
  • SDK and the development tool environments available
  • Mobile Constraints
  • Physical Nuances in hardware
  • Connectivity
  • Usability (User Interface)

Design Paradigms and best Practices

  • Multi Layered Architecture
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Performance Consideration
  • Communication
  • Connectivity
  • Synchronization and Offline Access
  • User Interface
  • Security and Privacy
  • Data transfer
  • Data access and Bandwidth
  • Logging and Testing
  • Power and Battery Life
  • Caching
  • Configuration Management
  • Application Installation on Device, Deployment and Upgrades