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Orson & Co is a New York based publishing House.

It is backend by Bestselling authors and Oxford literature graduates who have released many international best sellers like History of a Pleasure Seeker. Atlogys was hired by Orson & Co to do the end-to-end product design, development, deployment and now maintenance of the eLume product suite.

App store Elumes

Optimized for iOS 8.x
iPad 2,3,Air,iPad Mini


Launched successfully on appstore on 18th april 2015.


eLumes is an Apple ‘iBooks’ like mobile app for subscribing, purchasing and reading interactive digital books called eLumes - eLuminated Books. It has 3 additional components. The eLume product suite consists of:

  1. A .nET based web admin panel - Provides a CMS like interface for publishers to create , upload and map pages of books with various events
  2. A .net based web server - exposes web services for sync with mobile app and houses he DB for all metadata for various books
  3. Amazon S3 based CDN equipped storage server for mass distribution of book content.

Comes with .NET based Web Suite (backend web server) for publishers to create, customize and publish book for app users.

App Features

1. iOS App General Features:
  1. Real Time Sync b/w server and app
  2. Optimized for screen sizes across iiPad Air, Air 2, iPad 3, iPad 2 and iPad Mini
  3. Flurry Analytics
  4. In App Purchase API and Push Notifications
  5. Intelligent Caching and Pre-fetching Less than 3 sec load time per book
2. iOS App Reading Experience:
  1. Dictionary, Search, Highlight, Copy Paste, Select
  2. Animated Page Turn
  3. Audio On/Off
  4. Menu with Notes, FAQ, Videos, Gallery
  5. Footnotes, Captions
  6. Table of Contents, Linking
  7. Delete and Re-download
3. Web Suite Features:
  1. Upload Storybook Text, audio, video, images, bgd. paper texture etc.
  2. Map sections of pages to illustrations like back turn, video play, open gallery, open notes etc.
  3. Enter book metadata like size, name, author, menu image
  4. Upload and Clip audio file - Automatic para mappiing.
4. Web Sync Server:
  1. Real-time and Offline Synchronization of published books to user’s device
  2. Device type and screen size detection
  3. Resume packet transfer from point of loss
  4. Database for tracking and analytics

Atlogys Role - "CTO from scratch - Product Definition till Deployment"

Business Specs and Client Interaction
  1. Make SRS for mobile app , web suite and sync server
  2. Make wireframes for web suite
  3. Document web service sync API
Technical Architecture
  1. Design XML sync format and metadata
  2. DB schema for web and sqlLite
  3. Architect customized HTML markup for replication of Indesign ‘look’ on html for rendering on mobile
  4. Design pre-fetching, caching module
  5. Select open source, 3rd party published api’s for page curl, audio map, gapless audio playback, image movements etc.
  6. Design web services api calls, authentication module
  7. Apple setup, configs and settings for InApp purchase
  8. Account Management
  9. Write High and low level design document for iOS/sync server
  10. Account for mobile specific design aspects like screen size, intermittent connection
  1. Compare cloud vs. dedicated hosting solutions
  2. Procure software licenses and setup dedicated box
  3. Create qa, staging and production env. for web and sync server
Project Management
  1. Software Lifecycle management
  2. Make staged releases
  3. Client demos
  4. Resource Management
QA and Testing
  1. Write Test Cases
  2. 5 Milestone Releases with full regression testing
  3. Simulate test for sync and web server
  4. Create sample books in Indesign -> convert to html -> upload on web suite -> customize illustrations -> sync to device -> test on device for real reading experience.


  1. iOA Native SDK, Xcode, iOS 6.x, 7.x, 8.x
  2. .NET 4.5 (, WCF , SQL server 2012, IIS 7.5
  3. Amazon EC2, S3, RDS
  4. Adobe Indesign, HTML5
  5. Javascript, Jquery
  6. Redmine, Live Validations Library
  7. App In app purchase, Volume buying, enterprise dev accounts

DTP Adobe InDesign to HTML

  1. Publisher creates text book in InDesign
  2. Atlogys creates customized HTML markup to mimic typesetting, text-wraparound, alignment, into HTML
  3. Atlogys writes custom Indesign macros and a post processing script in JS that ensure that the word wrapping and the image alignment matches pixel by pixel between the Indesign and the rendered html.
  4. Customized HTML uploaded to web Suite above
  1. iOA Native SDK, Xcode, iOS 6.x, 7.x, 8.x
  2. .NET 4.5 (, WCF , SQL server 2012, IIS 7.5
  3. Amazon EC2, S3, RDS
  4. Adobe Indesign, HTML5
  5. Javascipt, Jquery
  6. Redmine, Live Validations Library
  7. App In app purchase, Volume buying, enterprise dev accounts
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