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Ajay Sanghi Ajay Sanghi Atlogys Linkedin Profile

Corporate Director

Our chief strategist who looks after the Business Strategy for Atlogys with a special focus on legal and finance. A seasoned entrepreneur with 30 years of experience in starting and running successful businesses.

Work Experience

Ajay Sanghi is the managing director at Shri Krsna Motors - Skri Krsna Sudharshan Urja and at Shri Krsna Urja Projects which are 80 year old companies dealing in manufacturing of products for power distribution.


Mr Ajay Sanghi did his B.com from Shri Ram college, Delhi and MBA from IIM, Calcutta.

Ritika Sanghi Garga Ritika Sanghi Garga Atlogys Linkedin Profile

Founder & CEO

Ritika manages the technical strategy and operations of our company including technical consultation on most of our projects. She has a lot of expertise and interest in making customized web applications using state-of-the-art technologies. She loves IT consulting and is focused on making scalable, easy-to-use solutions.

Ritika is an active software evangelist who also takes active interest in organizing and attending software events along with giving IT technical talks at various colleges.

Work Experience

Ritika worked for Google, Inc California for almost 4 years. She worked on various aspects of the Google web server and Google Image Search like frontend development, security protocols and advertisements. As a senior software engineer at Google, she added many social features on Orkut and did the backend development of the OpenSocial datastore.


Ritika did her degree in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University, USA along with specializations in Business and Computer Engineering.


  • Google Anita Borg Scholarship Winner -> 2004 -> Awarded to 10 woman undergraduates all over US.
  • Microsoft Technical Scholarship Winner -> 2004 -> Awarded to small number of undergraduates in senior year from all over US.

Rajiv Madan Rajiv Madan Atlogys Linkedin Profile

Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Rajiv is a senior consultant with Atlogys focused mainly on business development and vendor management activities for US, Middle East and the European Markets. With a IT background heavily focused on strategy & processes, Rajiv helps implement and execute guidelines for Product Management, Project Management and CMM Level 5 processes within Atlogys.

Work Experience:

Rajiv has 25 years of experience in the IT / Telecom industry (Software Development) and has worked both in Singapore and in India in a Senior Technical Management role/s. Just to name a few, he has worked in Fujitsu and Delphi Automotive in Singapore (subsidiary of GM, US), in HCL Perot Systems, NPI and also in France Telecom.


  • Degree in Electrical & Electronics Eng. from B.I.T.S, ( Pilani) , 1981-1985
  • M.Tech (Computer Applications) from I.I.T Delhi. 1988-1990

Rajat Jain Rajat Jain Atlogys Linkedin Profile

Senior Technology Manager

Rajat handles the technical architecture and software system design for most of the large scale projects at Atlogys. Rajat puts on the hat of a product manager and a tech lead to handle the technical implementation and technical execution of the projects. He works in tandem with project managers and business analysts, and guides developers and engineers when they are stuck, Rajat enforces the best practices in web app design to make the projects technically sound and solid.

Work Experience:

Rajat is also an Ex-Googler ! Prior to joining Atlogys, Rajat worked at Google Inc, for over 4 years in various locations across US and India. As a Senior Software Engineer in the Adwords team, Rajat worked at the very core of the auction algorithm and was responsible for may improvements in Ads Quality. Rajat also led and managed the development team involved in the AdWords Reporting Tool that helped customers analyse their ad spend.


Rajat graduated with honors from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA with a B.S. in Computer Science with an additional major in Business Administration.

John Stebbins John Stebbins Atlogys Linkedin Profile

Senior Business and Strategy Advisor

John is a global Business Expansion Expert guiding us to New Markets. His track record of success spans 13 years of applying comprehensive market research methodologies, leading-edge management practices in business and marketing, and a unique, personal understanding of the global marketplace from having worked on the ground in more than 30 countries.

Work Experience:

John is an independent consultant providing clients world-wide with the data-driven strategy and experience-proven tactics needed to effectively reach a new customer base.

Prior to consulting, John spent four years as Global Research Manager at ExxonMobil. John has even worked in Japan at Intage, Inc. as a Marketing Consultant and expert advisor to Microsoft, HP, Budweiser and other global brands on how to position in that lucrative market. The NPD Group recruited John to be the founding Director of NPD Japan - to build the office and global-standard research operations desired by their clients P & G , Nike, Adidas, and Levi's. John was promoted to be the VP of Asia and given P & L and operational responsibility to grow NPD's research businesses in China and Australia. John has worked as a Special Consultant to Media Metrix Japan (an NPD subsidiary), where he led the initial staffing and research design for their national PC users panel and internet audience measurement business.


John has a B.S. in Economics and Psychology from Carnegie Mellon (Pittsburgh, PA), and an MBA in International Marketing from the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon.

Subhu Murthy Subhu Muthy Atlogys Linkedin Profile

Strategy Advisor

As a mentor, Mr. Subhu has given us; Atlogys - a company that is trying to scale and reach new heights; the much needed insight on corporate structure, vision and long - term business priorities. His genuine advice, backed with personal experience, has allowed us to be pro-active, avoid mistakes and always make good decisions.

Work Experience

Subbu Murthy is the President of UGovernIT, Inc. providing CIO services to SMBs. His approach AAMD (Assess, Advice, Manage and Deliver) to led a lot of SMBs to success. He has C-Level expertise in Healthcare administration, in leading development of Claims Processing, in EMR, HIPAA and in FDA cGMP compliant products and systems.

He is considered to be an expert who creates the "WoW" factor in innovating new technologies: developed the first reuse library in 1984, first global delivery model for IT services in 1985, first SaaS based ERP and CRM systems for claims processing in 2003, web-based B2B outsourcing portal, and the first SaaS fuzzy logic system in 2006.

He has co-founded and led four software product and IT services firms (Relsys, SriSoft, uSourceIT, uGovernIT), providing innovative, strategic, and operational direction


Mr. Murthy holds a Ph.D in Information Science from Claremont Graduate University, (1989-1995). He is as MS in computer Engineering from University of Southern California(1977-1978). Prior to this he did his BE in electronics from Bangalore University (1971-1976).

Steve Epner Steve Epner Atlogys Linkedin Profile


Steve is our guide, role model and a source of constant motivation and encouragement to the team.

As a technical and business mentor, Steve offers useful tips, insight and suggestions on how to run a successful IT consultancy business. Steve us full of energy and enthusiasm and is always ready with quick and apt answers to the most challenging of questions or situations.

Work Experience

Steve is a highly successful IT consultant. Steve is the founder of Brown Smith Wallace Consulting Inc (1976) and prior to that worked at Union Carbide, Monsanto, and CitiCorp. Steve is an adjunct professor at Saint Louis University, USA where he teaches Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the MBA program. As an innovator, he reaches out to the business community and helps them find new pathways to success.

Steve is the founder and a very active member of the ICCA. He is also a founding member of the EDI Coalition of Associations and was awarded the Certified Speaking Professional designation by the National Speakers Association.

Steve has authored or coauthored 8 books, over 900 articles and has made over 400 presentations to business and association audiences.


In 2007,Steve received a Master's of Science degree from the Purdue University School of Technology. His Bachelor of Science in Computer Science was awarded by Purdue in January of 1971.

Aditya Sanghi Aditya Sanghi Atlogys Linkedin Profile

Core Technical Mentor

Founder and CEO

- RisingSun Technologies

Aditya is a technology evangelist with expertise on many web technologies, and with a special keen interest in Ruby on Rails. He is also a telecom billing consultant with specific expertise in Intec's Singl.eView Billing.

Work Experience

Prior to RisingSun, Aditya has worked at various companies like Accenture, Reliance, Intec Billing and Telecom.


Aditya did his Bsc. in Computer Science from QUT - Queensland University of Technology, Australia.

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We are a team of motivated software engineers, product managers and software evangelists who are super passionate about technology. We love ‘tech talk’ and we get very excited when we talk, learn and discuss new technological concepts. We have great industry experience in working with some of the best companies in the world (Google, Microsoft). We have designed, developed, tested, optimized and launched software products which are being used by billions of people all over the world.

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Who are We?

We are a team of motivated software engineers, product managers and software evangelists who are super passionate about technology. We love ... Read More

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