PHP Web Services

PHP is one of the most commonly used and completely free web programming languages which works on Linux with database as MySQL. The only cost associated is to hire good high quality expert developers who in turn would be able to design error resilient high quality scalable web solution. The comparing technologies in this domain are .NET and Java which have their own limitations. .NET from Microsoft could be used for designing any kind of web solution but poses serious challenge in terms of capability of the programmer, complications related to the platform and is possible only in Windows environment. Moreover it involves the license cost of windows operating systems and other related soft wares which finally increases the overall development cost as compared to Php.

Java is another option for developing different types of web applications. It requires huge experience on part of the programmer to be able to make the best use of the platform. However, it needs more coding efforts, has long learning curve and the programming is more complicated as compared to php. Finally, Php can be used for designing huge variety of websites, web applications, advanced ecommerce solutions, content management systems and a forum site at a minimal cost.



Why Hire Atlogys for PHP Web Development