Case Study - SL8Z - Crowdsourced Executive Recruiting


SL8Z is a platform for crowdsourced executive recruiting. Seasoned executive recruiters from around the globe quickly and efficiently source, assess, and present qualified candidates for company's leadership level position.

SL8Z uses the primary concept of crowdsourcing by providing employers with a platform connecting them to a robust community ("crowd") of pre-QUALIFIED, experienced, independent executive recruiters. Instead of relying on the recruiting resources of 1 search firm, employers can leverage the collective recruiting horsepower of scores of recruiters - tapping into multiple candidate databases reaching wider pools of talent!

Some Silent Features in SL8Z are:

  1. Engagement Dashboard for clients and partners where they can track their search activity.
  2. Facebook and Twitter Integration.
  3. Integration with Google location and payment APIs
  4. LinkedIn Integration: Fetching info from user's (partner's) LinkedIn profile and storing them
  5. Only verified and approved applicants can be the authorized partners
  6. System generated E-mails to registered partner and Client on the various activities so that they are always on track of every activities happening on site
  7. Systematic and seamless flow of actions for both client and partners
  8. Detailed MIS Reports on admin panel for user user and activity category

Atlogys CTO's helped shape the product by providing the inputs.

  1. Product Definition - Outline and Detail out the entire User Experience from Complete App Specs, to all frontend and backend features.
  2. IT Strategy, design and operations - selection of algorithms, gems, techniques, user control flows.
  3. Program Management - Meetings with users at various levels to understand goal from technical standpoint. Creating master project plan and ensuring process compliance through out SDLC.
  4. Delivery Management - Smooth, on time delivery as per schedule. No delays and schedule overruns.
  5. Quality Assurance - Bug Tracking & resolution along with the development team by using various tools such as Redmine, mentis etc.,
  6. Performance Optimization - Conduct latency measurements and provide tips for clients and server side optimization.
  7. App Testing - Fire-fighting and bug fix-it sessions.
  8. 3rd party integrations for analytics, measurement, throughput reports, error reports etc.
  9. Long time site maintenance.

Technology Used:

  1. MVC Architecture with CakePHP framework
  2. Jquery, Jquery UI and Ajax
  3. MySQL Database
  4. Amazon Cloud
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