Case Study -StreetMarch (US based Entrepreneur )

Social Surveys, Contests with Reward/Loyalty points and Badges for Participation.

StreetMarch is a proprietary task-reward platform with polling and campaigning tools like Street Polls, Street rewards, and Street Broadcasts

Provides users (individuals/organizations/brands) with opportunities to interact, connect with and market to target audiences worldwide by creating a redeemable reward based engine.

Atlogys was responsible for end-to-end project deliverable, right from conceptualization, design, and architecture, to end-to-end software development (around 110 man-months of development), testing and deployment at scale

Atlogys Scope and Contributions:


Features of Streetmarch

Technical Challenges Overcome

Customizing Facebook graph API — To get the person’s all friends and their likes we had to customize the graph API to get the accurate results.

Deep-linking for an image (Generating preview of URLs) — App had a feature to send messages to nearby users. They could attach image/image URL. Implementing these stuff was challenging.

Battery draining — App was continuously using the user’s location for various app features which in turn was daring device battery.To overcome this issue we had went in depth of location features of the iOS ecosystem.

Development Methodology

AGILE – Bi-Weekly Sprints – Redmine tickets creation and that had to assigned to respective developers/QA.

Resources aligned by Atlogys

total of 6 man-months of development on StreetMarch


The development of a social media marketplace that enables organizers to create crowds.