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Managed Offshore Development – Benefits and Value Addition

90% of time people have a bad experience in getting software outsourced. With our *Managed* development services, you will ensure the following benefits:

  • Hassle-free Software Development – Save time, money and effort that goes in following up on software development. Use our software outsourcing services.
  • Get High Quality Results – Get saved from incompetent and incomplete development that is usually very common in offshore projects.
  • Get assured delivery on time – We provide software delivery management – We strive very hard to work with developers on an agile methodology and ensure on-time delivery.
  • Save Energy – Communicate bugs, problems, issues just once to find them resolved. You will never need to follow up twice on any issue.
  • Interpersonal Communication – Get effective stress-free agile communication and constant software development followup.
  • Focus on your core competency – Leave the technicalities to us. We will exceed your expectations. And that’s a promise !!