Case Studies - Technical Startup Platform - Large-Scale, Distributed Web Application Development

Technical Startup: Social Network Aggregation and Business Contact Management

Product: Kuhono - (SRM) Social Relationship Management System

Kuhono is a cutting-edge, web 2.0 application built on a scalable & distributed platform to support heavy traffic. It uses the latest and most complex of social API's, search algorithms, synchronization frameworks and integration methodologies.

Design Mocks


  • Understand promoter's objectives from business perspective and outline necessary technical requirements, complexities and alternatives to ensure project meets its strategic initiatives.
  • Deliver a technically sound web platform that can efficiently and securely serve tens of thousands of users upon launch, and scale quickly to millions of users when required.
  • Ensure a design that allows for easy platform migration and availability on the mobile, desktop and 3rd party platforms like Sales Force.
  • Source a vendor team for project implementation.
  • Provide overall execution strategy, schedule and roadmap.
  • Ensure delivery on time, on budget and as per schedule.

Scope of Work

** Please note that the UI design was provided to us by the kuhono promoters as psd files.

Atlogys Contributions:
  1. Program Management > Business/Techno Strategy
    • Select all technology and frameworks for a fool-proof and efficient implementation which is attainable within a reasonable time and budget. Ruby, Rails (Unicorn), API's (REST), DB (Regis, Mongo), Cloud (EngineYard), 3rd party integrations (HopToad, NewRelic, PingDom)
    • Inform about latest IT trends and best practices in social web 2.0 developments.
    • Identify partnership opportunities and track competition.
    • Discuss Kuhono usage scenarios, target market and launch plan - Suggest new features, validate assumptions.
    • Engineering EYE FOR DETAIL > provide server configuration variables, configure alerts, account for error handling, API rate limiting, and study analytics reports.
  2. Software Design and Architecture
    • Provide algorithms, DB schema and data structures for all features (after asymptotic analysis) > Ensure a scalable, maintainable, secure, performance friendly and an easy to use design.
    • Design out-bound REST API's for developers to extract information from Kuhono.
    • Outline rules and usage patterns for external API's like FB, Lin, Twitter, orkut > edge cases, return codes, functional calls, permissions and privacy, irregularities.
    • Design challenges addressed: threading, database sharding, caching, SSL, security (sql Injection, XSS, CSRF, Html Escaping), background parallel processing
  3. End-To-End Project and Delivery Management
    • Procure IT team, Guide and Mentor the team > resolve technical deadlocks, assign responsibilities; make contingency plans.
    • Tracking and communication of project health - Decisions, Action items, Change requests,
    • Risks and Issues.
    • Install, Setup and provide access to PM software > dotProject, basecamp, bugzilla.
    • Conduct application tests, QA's, perform latency and load tests, optimize code for server and client side latency.
    • Conduct demos, iterate on feedback, setup meetings, submit reports.
    • Setup and manage the app on the cloud.


- The whole application was delivered on time and smoothly on the cloud without any hiccups.

- We have two thousand users on beta. We are now making an Iphone and Ipad application for the same.


Ruby, Rails

Jquery, Ajax, JavaScript, Css, html

Mongo DB, MySql

REST based API's, Oauth

CLOUD: EngineYard

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