Web application consulting – Web site development

Atlogys specializes in making large scale web applications that get high traffic and require a distributed architecture. We can help with the overall design, development and deployment of web applications in the following forte:


We adopt the practice of lamp based web design that uses the MVC design paradigm. Using this strategy we deliver solutions ranging from static web pages to large scale distributed client-server models.

OpenSource Development – At Atlogys, we prefer to use off the shelf opensource technologies for solving a client’s need provided it adequately address all the requirements. We are well versed with opensource web development technologies and our vendors are well experienced in using the same. Examples include Ruby, Rails, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, PhpNuke, PhpBB, PBWiki, XCCart, VBPortal, OSCommerce etc.

Why OpenSource? Because it is Cost effective, has faster development times, provides modular scalable and sustainable solutions, and offers easy/free upgrades, plugins and technical support!! Thats why!!

Web Platforms

We love working on the entire design and implementation of web based technical platform. This is our passion and also something we have a lot of expertise and interest in. Our services can be seeked in all or any of the following areas:

  • Program Management for the web platform
    • Participate in technical discussions and offer comments, suggestions on both the business and technical aspects of the product.
    • Understand and assess technology from a business perspective.
    • Outline Business Transaction Flows.
  • Technical Advising
    • Advising promoters and developers on various issues, loopholes, know-hows, trends.
    • Participating in meetings, offering insights, resolving technical procedural deadlocks.
  • IT strategy and Design
    • Overall engineering architecture design, data flow diagrams.
    • Outlining detailed software specifications and Input/Output models.
    • Selection of Technology and various components like Language, DB system design, API’s, algorithms, tools, tips, methodology etc.
  • Design User WorkFlow – Account for an easy to use interface
  • Platform Assessments
    • Perform Application Testing – Full app QA – Provide model/functional/integration test cases to developers
    • Performing Security Audits and Assessments – Test for XSS, CSRF, sql injection etc, Deliver a fixit report to developers
    • Performing Scalability Assessments
    • Performance Assessments – Perform Latency measurements for client side, web server side and core application performance, Optimize db queries
  • Delivery Management
    • Resource Management
    • Project lifecycle, timeline and schedule management
    • Scope handling and collaboration
    • Bug management, ticketing system
    • User Feedback Management
  • Production Deployment
    • Setup of Production deployment architecture
    • Brainstorm and selection of *correct* instance setup on cloud – size, dedicated/shared etc.
    • Cloud maintenance and deployments.
  • Application Analytics and Feedback – Selection of Integration Tools – For extraneous measurements like user suggestions, application throughputs, errors, feedback mechanisms, analytics.