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Website Assessment Services

If you have a website, many times you will have the following questions:

  • How is my website proving helpful to me?
  • Is it really reaching out to my customers?
  • How should I publisize it more?
  • Why is it not on the first page of Google?
  • How many people are seeing my website?
  • Is there something about the website that is taking customers away from me?
  • What all information should I put on the website?
  • What site hierarchy and navigation should I use?
  • How do I make the site more attractive and visual?
  • How do I know what all is possible through my website?

As IT Consultants, we can help you answer all these questions as well as make your website *work* for you.

Our services involve:

  • Website Design - Feedback and Improvements
    • Make sure the website has a consistant design that goes well with the business industry and it's overall brand image.
    • An easy to use interface and design that is simple enough for non tech-savvy users.
  • Advise on Site components, features and functionality
    • How to use social media elements, api's and widgets to improve site results
    • Advice on components like blogs, gadgets, applications, enquiry forms, captcha etc that can be used to improve site's ratings, reach and user interactions.
  • Site Content
    • Advice on text that must be present on the site.
    • Create a content hierarchy that can be used to convey all information in a simple, intuitive manner.
  • Site Layout
    • Advise on site hiarcrahy and navigation structure
    • Create headings and sub headings for how the content must be distributed across pages.
    • Create a linking structure for the site.
  • SEO services
    • Improve sites ranking for search engines.
    • Improving and adding to site's meta data which is indexed by search engines.
    • Improving site's images and naming conventions for better seo.
  • Code Inspection
    • Cross browser compatibility
    • W3 compatibility
  • Improving Site Speed
    • Client side optimizations on Javascript code, css styles and Html.
  • Site deployment and maintenance
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